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Studio M in Iowa

In October 2019, with the support of Studio M and the Seigenthaler Chair of Excellence in First Amendment Studies, six student reporters from SoJSM's Advanced Reporting classes were competitively selected to travel to Iowa with two faculty members to cover the caucus system. Participants included Christyn Allen, Tayla Courage, Zoe Haggard, Savannah Meade, Amanda Smith, and Sabrina Washington, and the two faculty were Leon Alligood and Sally Ann Cruikshank. 


Iowa Matters: How the Hawkeye State Became King of the Caucus


Video: Democratic Candidates Rally in Des Moines

Rural Iowa.png

Coffee Houses, Corn Fields, and Caucuses Draw Candidates to Small Town Iowa

Additional reporting from on the ground in Iowa can be found at MTSU Sidelines.

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